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About YuanYi

Yuan Yi International Co., Ltd. was established in Taiwan in 1985, specialized in producing all kinds of textile machinery and precision parts, accessories, in addition to own R & D team and with the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute, Formosa Plastics Center (PIDC) and the Taiwan Textile Research a number of well-known institutions of the center (TTRI) a number of joint development plan, the R & D, manufacturing of various products, full product design, technology and quality to strive for excellence in precision parts and accessories field to the quality, efficiency , service, innovation "concept of operations, to provide customers with good product quality and prompt technical support and sales services, our customer base not only to be listed in Taiwan, the cabinet business, but also covers Europe, America, Japan more than ten countries in Southeast Asia, China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, and with the company, the production plant and logistics base in Taiwan, Shanghai, China, Vietnam and other places, and actively construct the global layout to provide customers with the most rapid service .

    aerospace certification made business areas more expansion and aviation, the zero of the Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail and various types of precision equipment, accessories, R & D, manufacturing, and marketing services, the future, the yuan profit will remain committed to customer-oriented business model to provide customers the precision parts, accessories, solutions, customers can continue to build competitive advantage in today's rapidly changing industry, Yuan overflow, this is our duty-bound responsibility.

    Yuan Yi "internationalization, diversification, division of the profit center of intrapreneurship" corporate vision under the guidance of, since 1991, we began to international diversification blueprint for the development layout and provide excellent internal staff of a business mechanism to encourage the implementation of globalization have been established in charge of business development and customer service in mainland China Shanghai Yuan Yi Textile Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. , support for customer technical service and business development in Vietnam Vietnam Yuan Yi limited liability company, to coordinate the storage and transportation in the Asia-Pacific region to deploy the Shanghai Yuan overflow logistics profit centers, with expertise in precision plastic injection production John Plastics Industry Co., Ltd. dedicated to the precision machinery parts precision metal manufacturing high overflow (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., to obtain the Bell petroleum oil additives, Taiwan and China general agent right overrun Chemical Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Yuan Mao Chennai, plastic modifier Nano R & D platform constructed cooperation with the Science University of Tokyo, Japan m Technology Co., Ltd., and gradually construct Yuan Yi group system and the corporate culture under the influence of the Group "integrity, responsibility, honor, each specializing in the development of this industry, customer-oriented business model, provide a good working environment for employees create substantial return on investment for investors, and implementing customer satisfaction, the staff happy and proud shareholders, "the Group's business philosophy.

    In recent years, Yuan Yat Group continues toward the development of the field of environmental protection, energy saving invested huge R & D and development funding to construct a positive layout, to meet the development trend of the times, to fulfill our social responsibility for product improvement, career, reached the goal of sustainable management.

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